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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Attack of the Music Phones!

First it was the ..hmm... let me think... oh yeah.. the Nokia 3300..waaaay back!
then........a llllooooooong time after....Moto's E398(or ROKR... both seem the same to me :P)..Sony Ericsson's W800i..
and now?
Nokia's 3250

Did I like the look of it ? Naaaah! too freaking formal! and the swivel keypad is kinda wierd..especially with the camera sticking outta the side ! My favourite look-wise feature-packed music phone would be the W800 ;)
Then why am I writing about it? Because... it's just the phone I was talking about when I spoke about the Open Mobile Platform with Janne.
This phone comes with support for a 3.5mm audio jack... although it's through an included adapter. Then means..HEY! I can attach my phone to my audio system .. and blow the neighbours to BITS!@#!..with my phone :P
Then.. it comes with a micro SD card...FINALLY! After all those years of MMC cards which would only work with a specific model...Eucccccccck!
Now...if only they would come out with a video out slot... hmmmm....