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Friday, August 26, 2005

26th Aug

SIPphone releases Gizmo Project VoIP software

I love Google Talk ! This has to be the simplest IM I have ever used. And now this!

The juicy parts:

After a public beta release SIPphone Inc. has released Gizmo Project 1.0, a new Voice over IP (VoIP) software application that lets Mac, Windows and Linux users communic
ate over the Internet and, using optional features, via telephone lines. It’s free to download.

Other features include free voicemail, SMS notification, call encryption, call mapping and more. SIPphone Inc. on Wednesday also announced an agreement to connect to Google Inc.’s recently announced Google Talk instant messaging network. The connectivity will appear in future versions of the Gizmo Project software.

Scarcely has Google launched their IM, and already partnerships are forming.
You have to give it to Google, they know their bulldozing ;)

Nokia steps into top spot for W-CDMA handset sales

Never underestimate the power of the hands ;)

The juicy parts:

"Step by step, Nokia is regaining ground in high-end device segments that it has lost to Motorola, Samsung, LG and others over the last couple of years," said Neil Mawston, associate director of wireless device strategies with research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics.

"Early market leaders NEC and LG have been overtaken by Nokia, and they have significant work to do to match up in the next battle for W-CDMA phones priced below $200 wholesale, which will present significant mass-market opportunities in 2006 to 2010," said Chris Ambrosio, director of Strategy Analytics' wireless device strategies service.

For a long time, we watched as Nokia seemed to falter in its steps, to understand the new coloured mobile world. It seemed as if Nokia was losing it's grip. But no, they changed, they made their cheap phones cheaper, their camera phones more powerful.
Now, if only they could slim down all their phones!

Motorola phones let parents monitor kids

Finally! Another way to look at this is that with child monitors coming on phones, age verification cannot be far behind. This would then, maybe, allow the estimated USD 2.3 billion Adult Content market to show its smutty head from under the carpet.
Especially since US is still very vague on the age verification subject, compared to Europe.

While parents need to adapt to the emerging youth culture surrounding mobile phones, adults are right to be concerned about what their kids are listening to, watching and reading

Zander said the Indian engineers were working on security features, including access control and data protection.

Nice to know where we Indians fit in ;)