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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I play the games on most mobiles, and the one manufacturer who seems to have the pulse on what works Sony Ericsson. Right from my low-end T630, to somebody else's (:P) high end K750i, the experience has been amazing.

Something on the lines of Oliver's post, these games would focus on the strength of the mobile, namely:

1.Vibrations: As in Vrally 2, u could actually feel every bump on the road, and every tree on the side, through the vibrations felt(also called Force Feedback in gaming jargon). I mean, on the PC, you would actually pay extra for a force-feedback joystick.
2.Bluetooth: There is nothing more thrilling than to see your opponent on your handset! Compare this to the exorbitant fees we use to pay, to go to a gaming cafe with network capabilities, to play Quake, or Counter Strike!
3.Integration with the inbuilt clock: In Honey Cave, the background changes, based on the clock. So if you play in the morning, you get the sun, if you play at night, you get the moon!
4.WAP: Everytime you get a high score, you can directly upload it to the sony ericsson site.

And these are the inbuilt games... so imagine the possibilities.

Nokia in comparison, had much better inbuilt games in it's legacy phones, with a massive overdose of the Snake game (not again...sad)in all it's avatars. To be fair, one game which I actually liked, was the Agent V game on the 3230, which uses the camera to create an augmented reality, where objects(Enemies, and Energy charges) are superimposed onto the actual camera view, to atleast enthrall you the first time.

On the K750i, there is a flight simulator (Flight simulator on a mobile :O)which totally blew me away with the unbelievable graphics, and response time.

If only there could be more games like this...