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Monday, April 03, 2006

XDA2: Hooked

I used to wonder why people would use a brick as a phone!

Now, I realise, they don't! ...They use a computer as a phone :p

Been using the XDAII for over two months... and it's addictive.

Easy writing: The ability to forget T9, I-Tap ... and just write.

Easy Transfer of information between PC and device : It's a Windows device, so it opens up as a separate folder.

I just started cooking, meaning dosas, rice, dal, etc. so a friend sent me a cooking manual PDF.
Now that was 128 pages, so I wasn't printing all of it. I just transferred it to the O2, and now next time I cook, the O2 sits, where the recipe book should ;)

Easy Transfer of information with other embedded devices: A revelation, is that because it supports the SD card format, I use it for sorting my digital camera pics, or showing them around.

Thinking about the time I had to take pictures with my Nikon 3200 for a function, and wasn't able to delete old pics which had been backed up. The only option was to format the whole thing.

With the XDAII, I directly copy the pics I need onto the phone, to make space for more ;)

The XDAII fits in with my idea of Wearable Computing where the mobile device is the main centre for data storage and communication.

That this central device would be wirelessly(Bluetooth, obviously!) connected to the audio headset, the display unit(one of those TV sunglasses), input device (i still think that input devices have a looonggg way to go, maybe Steve Jobs can help ;) )

Let's see how it goes .. hmm