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Monday, February 20, 2006

Virgin Territory

I was going through Losing my Virginity, and it's amazing... how ... Richard's Branson company will always remain a virgin in every new territory they explore.
I mean, to be able to take the first step... in every new industry amazing to me.

It means that... as long as the perception is fresh... and the need to do something off the beaten path exists, the search for, as well as the discovery of, hidden treasures... will go on, eventually bearing fruit.

Looking at their launch of Mobile TV, I still have my earlier apprehension about whether it will actually take off.
But the way Virgin is approaching this is amazing, where they take almost the entire family of Operating system, Device manufacturer and Operator, in the effort of creating the service.

Another thing, is that they realise that broadcast of music, will always have a much larger demand than mobile based TV.

So, they create a niche market ... and profit from it !