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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mobile TV?

I remember the first time my director presented DVB-H.
I dissed it then, and I diss it now.

The main problem is going to be the price of the handsets and the fact that the operators need to support it, and charge for it.

If there is anything that Web2.0 has taught me, it's that people want to choose what they access, and they want it cheap, if they are to make a habit of it. They don't want to get content which is pushed to them by some guy, who thinks he knows what they want.

Ok, maybe I am a little biased because I don't have a TV. The times when I hang out at a friend's place, I totally pig out on TV till 4-5a.m. , realising what Bruce Springsteen felt when he sang 57 CHANNELS (and nothin' on)

If we apply The Carry Principle, you will understand why I believe that broadcast to a phone is not a good idea.

Another idea which I think will work, though, is the Google Video store !

I mean, you let people choose what price they want to charge, and then rate the material based on who wants to watch it.

The business model of the future!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Nokia has lost her Identity!

Compare (design-wise)
Sony Ericsson's T630 (My phone ;-) )Vs Nokia E60 Phone
RIM's BlackBerry 8700r Vs Nokia E61 Phone
Motorola's MPx Vs Nokia N92
Samsung's i750 Vs Nokia N80

and you'll know what I mean!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Palm + Windows= Irresistable

This is real kewl!

A Handheld expert teaming up with an OS expert.

The Windows Mobile 5.0 (Magneto) based Treo 700w should be out on Thursday in USA.

The interesting thing here... is how Palm seeks to differentiate itself from Microsoft's other handhelds.

The juicy part is :

Palm was careful to not make the Treo 700w simply a clone of other Microsoft-based handhelds, however.

"We said we didn't want it unless we can make modifications," Wirt said.

Hehe... That's smart