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Monday, October 17, 2005

Sony Ericsson's new PDA

Yummy! Looks like Sony Ericsson shows where their priorities lie. They reduced the screen .. and increased everything else

This is a lot of what I spoke about here
That Phone manufacturers like Sony, are realising that Usability is just as important as an impressive feature list.
The P900 and the P800, both had the key pad on the flap. Ofcourse, these models never had a Qwerty keyboard to type messages. It was crazy to use the stylus for typing messages.

They changed this with the P910i.
The problem with the P910i, which had a Qwerty alphabetic keyboard on the back of the flap, was that it was nearly impossible to type using the keyboard, and balance the phone at the same time.

Now look at the 990. There is a Qwerty keyboard ...ON the phone itself. This is because Sony Ericsson have realised that more than a large screen, a good keyboard is important in a PDA phone, simply because after voice, message sending and receiving is paramount. So they reduce the physical screen size... increase the resolution...and Voila.

Notice that these guys never actually endorsed EDGE, simply because they felt it wasn't needed.


Friday, October 14, 2005

Warney back to his womanising ways!

Here is the news